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The Knight International Journalism Fellowships program makes tangible changes that improve the quality and free flow of news in the public interest around the world. Funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the year-long program sends international media professionals to countries where there are opportunities to promote reliable, insightful journalism that holds officials accountable.

Knight International Fellows work in these key regions: Asia/Pacific, Eurasia/Former Soviet Union, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, and Sub-Saharan African.

Qualifications and Skills:
· Strong leadership qualities
· Fluency in the local language of the host country
· Demonstrated knowledge of project focus and experience in project medium/media
· Minimum of 10 years journalism experience
· Training experience is a plus
· Fellowship is open to any nationality
· Fellowship duration is a minimum of one year

An orientation program for new Knight International Journalism Fellows providing information about the Fellowships and training in digital media, mentoring techniques and monitoring and evaluation methods takes place twice annually.

Country: India
Project Description

The Fellow will guide the development of the International Media Institute of India (IMII) – Located in the Delhi suburb of Noida, IMII opened its doors this summer to 30 students from India and the region. The ideal candidate will have administrative experience need to build IMII into a sustainable institution that puts high-quality graduates with digital skills into top jobs in Indian media. During the 20-month fellowships, the fellow will oversee the school’s administration, recruit and train faculty and students, teach courses, help students secure internships and jobs and develop new partnerships and funding to support IMII.

· Strong understanding of best journalistic practices
· Knowledge of digital media
· Academic/training experience
· Experience in India (preferred)

Countries: Nigeria and Ethiopia
Project Description

Each fellow will lead a one-year project in partnership with key local media organizations, mentoring and training journalists to improve the quality, quantity, and impact of health coverage. The project will work to create coverage that affects policy and helps save the lives of those threatened by deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. The fellows will help build networks of health journalists that connect with each other to develop sources and resources and serve as mentors for their colleagues. The program also aims to improve business-management practices to make health reporting sustainable.

Language Requirement: Nigeria-English required, Hausa or Yoruba preferred.

Ethiopia-English required, Amharic preferred. *Skills:* Experience as media trainer/manager, background in health journalism.