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» Urban Planning: from strategies to local actions at IHS, The Netherlands


The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, The Netherlands, is an international center of excellence associated with the Erasmus University Rotterdam and operating on a global scale.

IHS offers specialized post graduate education, training, advisory services and applied research in the fields of urban management, housing and urban environment with the mission to develop human and institutional capacities to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in cities. 

Urban Planning: from strategies to local actions

This is to inform you about 24 Days short course Urban Planning: from strategies to local actions offered by IHS

Duration : 24 Days

Course Date: 8th Aug- 2nd Sep 2011 

Award- Diploma

NFP:- Available (deadline 1st Feb 2011)

       Application Deadline - 20 Jan 2011

Urban Planning moved away from the detailed master plans to more flexible strategic plans, which include economic and social plans alongside physical and spatial planning. The strategic plans typically offer a rather broad physical lay-out. Whereas flexibility offers many opportunities and is a must to respond to rapid changes, it is far more difficult to implement a flexible plan. To ensure implementation, urban planners now need to translate these strategies into a range of concrete action plans, which all need commitment from politicians and other stakeholders and – possibly most important – from funders. Urban planners need to become urban managers to ensure that strategic plans pay enough attention to spatial development and that these are implemented. This course offers understanding on these processes and concrete tools to obtain commitment.

Course Curriculum:

urban strategic Plans: process, context and dynamics

Preparing local action plans: Process step-by-step

obtaining commitment: participation, Partnership, stakeholder analysis, negotiations

Finance: cost-benefit analysis, Public private Partnerships, financial options Finance: cost-benefit analysis, public private partnerships, financial options

Learning Objectives:

Enable planners to translate urban strategic plans into local action plans, with funding and commitment

Target Group

Urban Planners

Training Methodology

Participants will work in teams on cases, using computer-based simulations. The course combines class room lectures, exercises, group work and field visits.

Admission Requirement:

Inorder to Participate in this short course you should:

  • Have at least a Bachelor’ degree from a recognised University or similar institute
  • If you did not complete a Bachelors degree in English you must show certificates with relevant test results
  • at least three years of work or academic experience relevant for the course.

Please note that fellowships from the Dutch Government are available in limited numbers to eligible applicants under the Netherlands Fellowship Program

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