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» RVI Sudan and South Sudan Course - Application Deadline


This weekend is the last moment to apply for the RVI Sudan and South Sudan Course. The course takes place in Rumbek from 26 May to 1 June.

This message is to draw your attention to the deadline in case you or anyone in your institution is considering applying. Applications will be accepted up to Monday 2 April, and, after that, only in the event of cancellations. Please contact us urgently if you wish to apply but are unable to do so before the application deadline.

The Sudan and South Sudan course is the gold standard for graduate-level field training in the region. The course, held in Rumbek, South Sudan, between 26 May and 1 June, covers the two Sudans and the borderlands. The teaching staff on the 2012 course comprises noted scholars and activists. The list now includes Jérôme TubianaAtta el-BattahaniSharath Srinivasan, Samia Ishag, Dan LargeJustin WillisJok Madut JokJohn RyleAlfred LokujiMagdi el-GizouliJoanna OyediranEddie Thomas andDouglas Johnson. Participants in this and other RVI courses are eligible for three graduate credits in the US university system.

Meals, excursions and special events on RVI courses are the occasion for extended conversation between participants and teaching staff, making the event a dawn-to-dusk immersion course covering the complex realities of the two Sudans. Past participants - including senior diplomats, business people, development workers and researchers from many countries - are liberal in their praise of the course (see FAQ and Testimonials on With its mix of participants the course is also a prime networking opportunity.

The course fee includes a minimum of 40 hours of tuition in a variety of formats, full-board accommodation and local travel for the duration of the course. Course participants are sent introductory readings week by week in the run-up to the course, an up-to-date course book featuring original contributions from leading specialists, and a USB drive with RVI publications and a comprehensive collection of key documents concerning the Sudans.

You can apply online for the Sudan and South Sudan course (or our other RVI courses on the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa). There is more information at Or write to