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Strengthening the Voices of Women Champions for Family Planning and Reproductive Health


This September, CEDPA is implementing an important training event, Strengthening the Voices of Women Champions for Family Planning and Reproductive Health.  This workshop is designed to respond to new development agendas that emphasize the importance of countries setting priorities and driving the development process.  It is critical that women’s voices are central throughout this process to ensure that FP/RH programs are prioritized in national debates and ultimately in country and donor allocations.

The goal of the Champions Workshop is to strengthen host country and U.S. leadership and support for FP/RH programs through increased awareness of FP/RH priorities among participants’ key constituencies and among key U.S. communities.  The two-week workshop is intensive and highly participatory and is designed to:

·         Enhance knowledge of key national and global FP/RH issues,

·         Increase understanding of the U.S. policy environment related to FP/RH,

·         Strengthen capacity to develop and deliver strategic messages to policymakers in host countries and in the United States,

·         Enhance messaging and communication skills, and

·         Develop country action plans for mobilizing other groups in country to target policy makers with messages prioritizing FP/RH.

I am writing to ask for your help in disseminating the Workshop Application to qualified women working in the eligible countries (see application).  Please share the application with your networks, host governments, local partners and donor agencies to ensure that we reach as wide an audience as possible.


The Workshop Application is attached and also available at  The application provides a detailed description of the workshop as well as eligibility criteria.  The deadline for receipt of applications is May 31, 2011.