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Stakeholder mapping workshop on undernutrition and climate change in Ethiopia


In order to accelerate progress on two interconnected issues: undernutrition and climate change adaptation, there is a need for more effective cooperation and coordination across national and local institutions, particularly around information sharing (this includes data, research, among other information sources) on the above issues.

As a result, IDS Knowledge Services, in collaboration with the Forum for Social Studies, are running a stakeholder mapping workshop to better understand ”who plays a role in sharing nutrition and climate change adaptation information in Ethiopia?”

We seek to do this by first understanding how organisations and people work with each other on these issues in Ethiopia. From there we would like explore how we can support the strengthening of the information and knowledge sector by building on existing partnerships and creating new collaborations, to develop the capacity of local organisations or networks around the crosscutting issue of nutrition and climate change adaptation. We would like to ensure that this process firmly takes into account the gender dimensions of these issues, and that discussions move away from women’s roles as producers and instead are examined through a gender equality and empowerment framework.

The workshop with be held in Addis Ababa on either 15th or 16th October. Would any GGCA members who have expertise in these areas and based in Ethiopia be interested in attending? As well as facilitating this workshop, I will be around in Addis for a few days to meet people working on gender and food security, in connection with BRIDGE’s Gender, Food Security and Climate Change Cutting Edge Programme.  If any GGCA members are interested in attending the workshop or meeting me, please drop me a<> . It would be fantastic to hear from you!