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Population Footprints 25-26 May 2011, The Mermaid Conference Centre, London EC4V 3DB

We would like to bring to your attention this major UCL and Leverhulme Trust symposium on human population growth and global carrying capacity to be held in London on Wednesday 25 & Thursday 26 May 2011. The symposium will aim to provoke debate on themes often regarded as simply too controversial and difficult to be tackled through rational analysis, with sessions addressing:

  • The likely causes and effects of both northern and southern population migration in the 21st century
  • The most appropriate public policy responses to projected changes in population dynamics, and common ground for meaningful dialogue
  • The most important determinants of population growth and how to prepare for it
  • How paradigms of gender and sexual rights should be developed to meet the challenges
  • The medium term implications of different global patterns in ageing
  • The 'fair' and sustainable level of carbon emission for each person

The themes will be discussed by an impressive list of internationally renowned speakers from universities, NGOs and civil societies, multinational and government agencies. You are invited to register your interest through the website as soon as possible. If you know of networks or organisations to which this event would be of interest please do let us know, or pass on this email.

We are asking for registration of interest by 28th January 2011. The deadline for submission of abstracts for posters is 21st February. We are offering three full scholarships (travel, accommodation and conference fee) to the best three poster submissions from the global south and three full scholarships from the UK. To ensure active involvement outside the UK, we will award at least two grants to local agencies in Africa and South Asia to host a meeting of local experts, advocates and researchers and the conference will be 'streamed' live, with a Twitter feed to encourage participation from outside the Hall. The live streaming will be available globally to anyone registering on the site at the time of the symposium, and the Twitter feed is available to all. We look forward to your involvement with Population Footprints 2011.

With best wishes

Claire Lister, Event Coordinator

On behalf of the UCL Institute for Global Health and the Symposium Organising Committee

I C H Events, 30 Guilford Street, London WC1N 1EH

Phone: 020 7905 2232 Fax: 020 7831 6902


Population Footprints 25-26 May 2011